Campesato has been working in the wood industry since 1920, when Carlo Campesato founded his first carpentry; of his eleven children, is Guido to continue his paternal activity, specializing in the manufacture of wooden window frames in 1952.

In 1980 Guido, Giancarlo and Valter created the current Campesato Serramenti.

Today it is a consolidated company that uses the latest technologies, without sacrificing the indelible principles and values of the past.

Campesato is on the international scene as a dynamic business with a keen eye that builds customised doors, windows and shutters made to measure and catering to the tastes of all different kinds of customers.

An efficient and exclusive Order Management Software allows development and control of the entire production process.

All this thanks to the flexibility of a system that makes it possible to construct even complex doors and windows, yet always functional and with the right quality-satisfaction ratio.


Campesato is