Campesato has dealt in the wood industry for three generations. It has a long history made up of people, commitment and love of its work. A history which began way back in 1920, when Carlo Campesato founded his first carpenter’s shop. Of his 11 children, it was Guido that would carry on his father’s business, specialising in the production of wood doors, windows and shutters in 1952. In 1980, Guido, Giancarlo and Walter created what is Campesato Serramenti today.

As the years went by, the old carpenter’s shop evolved. Today it is a well-established company that avails of the latest technology, without abandoning the indelible principles and values of the past. Campesato is on the international scene as a dynamic business that builds customised doors, windows and shutters thanks to a flexible, functional and avant-garde system.



It's tradition

Because woodworking means experiencing nature hands-on, preserving the timeless atmosphere and values of the past.

It's for life

Being passionate about things and crafting them with care has been at the base of the
company for three whole generations, during which the wood has borne testimony to the cultural, traditional and future values.

It's safety

Because Campesato doors, windows and shutters have the best strength and safe use characteristics, thanks to the structure and the high-quality components that guarantee top performance.

It's sustainability

Because producing Campesato wood doors, windows and shutters requires the least possible amount of energy, thanks to the use of wood from silviculture.

It's quality

Because the lifecycle of the types of wood Campesato employs is a guarantee to be passed down, as a result of the exclusive, quality choices made from experience.

It's genuine

Because the climate footprint of wood is, and will always be, the ideal solution for man, thanks to the biological balance that only this material can offer.