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Campesato confirms, once again, its unique style. On a day rich in content already we have seen the great news. One out of all of them, was the birth of the new configurator Wicamp which has aroused great interest. It was a Campesato Day designed and shared among our retailer customers. Welcome with the fullness of positive words it was hearalded with the name “ Wicamp “.

Valter Campesato in the role of the speaker at the meeting, explained the fundamental concepts that, thanks to Wicamp, will change the world of windows in wood.

The tools developed by Wicamp will improve the relationship between retailer and customer, optimizing it all in a single process in all the commercial and productive aspects

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During the morning a series of technical innovations were presented. They were developed in collaboration with one of the most active Italian companies of hardware, the AGB of Romano d’Ezzelino (VI).

Among the various topics presented the most important are:

Hardware – scope and duration

Activeage series

Burglar-proof hardware

Poseidon Safety closure

Climatech threshold

HS Light lifting-sliding

Innovations on Mondial wood type

Wooden drip

Reduced focal point

Inter locking Back lining

Double glazing



In the afternoon, in the Crowne Plaza Hotel conference rooms in Padova decked out for Campesato, another important preview linked to the use of our raw material was presented: wood.

Red Grandis, an innovative source, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

After an explanation of the development of the important web project Campesato we involved the audience by evisaging a possible future scenario.

“Progress” by Giancarlo Orsini

Red-Grandis_slide progress_slide


…in the Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra – Venice

The meeting was followed by a Gala Dinner in the seventeenth-century Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra. The atmosphere was heated up by the light of the candles, from traditional Venetian dishes to the jokes of the comedians of Zelig… all fired up by Beppe Braida’s wit.

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