Conference on Wood & Building fair in Verona 14-17 March 2013

Legno Edilizia

Campesato is one of the promoters of the first summit on the Italian Window in wood.

Campesato is one of the founders of  who oversaw the organization of the event.

For the first time the world of Italian production of windows in wood encounter “joint forces”.

The domestic sector of windows in wood is an important theme within the building industry. This is not surprising since the international market recognizes the excellence of ‘ Made in Italy’.

This important sector, consisting of industries, small businesses, installers, retailers, qualified researchers, development centers, product quality and innovation, will all meet in full force to talk about the windows in wood in the cultural Italian construction vein because of its product value, in its economic numbers as well as in its market prospects.

program the window or door in wood

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