Resorgentia, an event at the air museum


On October 24th, 25th and 26th, 2014, Campesato participated in a special exhibit, a characteristic, popular event: Resorgentia: their website gives a glimpse of what it’s all about.

“Resorgentia is an initiative that aims to foster our economy’s comeback starting with the most precious asset for us Italians, our house, and everything it holds.

A group of companies representing different sectors of the “home” universe—furniture and design, energy and technology, renovation, food, banks and insurance companies—will go on a tour of the entire Italian peninsula with those outstanding products that make us a population admired the world over for our lifestyle.

However, they will do this in an innovative way, that of the experience. That is, the route overflows with sensory and emotional stimuli, special effects and values that engage all five of the visitor’s senses. However, the wonders shown will not be immediately available to visitors; all those interested in getting to know more about the partner companies will be directed to the local distributors.

With its historic flavour, Resorgentia is also an opportunity to go back to our cultural roots and re-evaluate our rich legacy.”


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