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A company that aims to meet the needs and expectations of customers, including t international ones, must be committed to a policy of unceasing product quality control on the products distributed, must relate the functions of these artifacts to the demands of the consumer. For Campesato, compliance with the minimum certification classes imposed by EU directives is only the starting point: the objective is the mark of conformity certifying that voluntary performance standards of the highest binding directives from both the technical and ethical are met. “LegnoFinestraItalia” is the emblem of the Italian production of wooden doors and windows of high quality; it stems from the desire of some of the big players in Italy, among which is Campesato, a company that incorporates only domestic firms that have made adopted “values of excellence”: such as product quality, performance, comfort, guarantee consumer safety, ethics.
The results achieved in the performance tests represent the “litmus test” of the working method that Campesato pursues.

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Required by law (EN 14351.1) all doors and windows must be certified on a scale of 1 to 9; to get the minimum score of 1 means to be certified.

The Campesato lifting-sliding, with both 2 sliding parts, has recently reached the maximum threshold of water tightness of 9, a unique result for this category of windows and doors.


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