Care and maintenance kit

Care and maintenance kit

To maintain the quality of the frames intact and protect them from possible deterioration, we have prepared a kit that we provide in every job commissioned along with the user manual and maintenance. The kit, which is useful for the inital care of your windows and doors, is used by following the use guide to the ” wood revitaliser using water”, a product able to perform innovative in the capacity to maintain the efficiency of the fixture even for decades.

The kit for the “care and beauty of the windows” is composed of:

• 1 bottle of neutral detergent

• 1 bottle of wood revitaliser

• 1 vial of lubricant

• 2 tools for the setting of the hardware

• 2 microfiber cloths

“The revitaliser using water ” is a “ Campesato ” product to clean the surface of the glass of the windows and, at the same time, the tone of the wood of windows and doors. It is easy to use and fast in its application: through the use of a simple soft cloth the “revitaliser using water” restores softness, shine and elasticity to the paint. Penetrating through the micro pores of the wood it tones it and ensures adequate and effective protection from the damaging effects of sunrays.

You can carry out maintenance on wood!

You can carry out maintenance on wood!
This is usually considered a disadvantage, but in reality it is a big plus: in fact, over time, all materials deteriorate, the only one that can be regenerated and that becomes as good as new is wood, which is not a disposable material but one of the noblest raw materials.


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