CE marking of windows

From the 1st February 2009 only windows with CE marking can be legally placed on the market (CE marking is already mandatory, but only for the glazing). All makers of windows and doors are bound by the CE marking, regardless of the size of the company or the production quantity.

For the windows and pedestrian doors, an attestation system of conformity 3 is provided, which allows the producer to release a ‘Declaration of Compliance’ for the same product with the requirements set by the standards after having seen to the following:
• initial tests in an “ indicated” laboratory ;
• a control on production carried out within the company by the entrepreneur under his own responsibility.
With regards to the first point the producer needs to have a test report issued by the laboratory which complies with the competent Ministry to carry out the tests on the production in question. With regards to the second point the producer must provide proof of the actual test carried out on the product.

In accordance to UNI EN 14351-1, the evidence can be grouped together by type for the selected characteristics; the tests must be done at the beginning of production or at the beginning of a new method of production.

The Guideline “M ”regulates the relationship/connection between window and door manufacturers and the range designers in such a way to allow the use of the tests.
In order for a free flow transfer of the test results a contract for the use of the initial test results must be entered into of the type between the window and door manufacturers and the suppliers of the components.

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