The origins of our renewable wood sources

For at least a decade making its way to the environmentally sound management (in some areas this has always been the case) in the name of “sustainable forestry and diversification” or “Forestry” which requires the replacement of a plant cut down with younger plants using an ethically efficient and correct logic that already shows its value due to the steady increase of forest area worldwide. We must insist with this environmental policy in all parts of the world by promoting more and more forest certification, both in Europe, where, according to recent estimates by the FAO forests grow 500,000 hectares per year but only 64% of this volume is used mainly for the production of paper and furniture, both in those areas where the exploitation of resources has been indiscriminate for a long time.

”Campesato” is sensitive to this issue and have been using for some years now exclusively certified timber for the sustainable management of forests, making its contribution to the “Forestry”.


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