Production Campesato and good practices

The approach to Good Practices has established itself in the international scene at Habitat II, the Second United Nations Conference on Urban Development, held in Istanbul in 1996.
To implement good practices is not at all easy, as it presupposes a radical change in the approach to the working phases. However  the final outcome is decisive for solutions and cutting-edge developments in the environmental sector.
There are several regulations that refer to good practices, such as ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14040 certification. In addition to the quality of the production processes, the company adopts Campesato tools that require a new business and cultural approach to the environment. It is an approach that can be called “pro-active”, intended to anticipate the rules to gain a competitive advantage against other companies that will have to adapt in the future.

Following are the details of the  various working phases of the Campesato company.




Raw materials

You may think that using the trees as raw material from which to derive the structural timber somehow damages the environment. In fact it is possible to adopt the logic of sustainability, i.e. ,not depleting the planet’s forest resource but getting the wood from construction, even from the most valuable controlled forest resources ( tropical or other kinds ), where the replanting of the resource outweighs its removal.

For almost twenty years an environmentally sound management by the name of “sustainable forestry and diversification” or “forestry” is in force. It requires the replacing a plant that has been cut down with a younger and efficient one, so as to be able to obtain the greatest benefits from photosynthesis.

Campesato has been using for years now exclusively certified timber for the sustainable management of forests.

sfc_logo FSC is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization established to promote responsible forest management worldwide. The WWF is also working to spread this knowledgeCAL_6278

Silviculture in fact has the task of ensuring the right balance between man and nature. One of our resources that best represents these concepts is the RED EUCALYPTUS GRANDIS from FSC certified forests.
To keep the undergrowth clean and ensure the natural fertilization of the land cows, sheep and horses are made to graze in the wild. The  Red Grandis plant is cut at  full maturity when the correct diameter of the trunk is achieved. The cut is done according to precise and accurate selection programs after about 18-20 years.


Energy in production

The production processes of the  Campesato company  are driven by the need to minimize any waste in order to cause the least environmental impact. The energy needs of the company is assured by a series of ecological changes.
The main production waste is made from scraps of wood, wood shavings and sawdust. The scraps are distributed among the employees for their home heating needs. Wood chips and sawdust instead are used as fuel to heat the entire production plant and offices.
An integrated photovoltaic system on the roofs of the buildings, ensure the recovery of more than half of the demand of all electricity needed.

Segatura-trucioli- IMG_5399

lca3 Transport

Despite that transport is one of the critical points in the life cycle of the product, Campesato carefully programs the transport in close cooperation with trusted carriers.
The loads are optimized building pallets tailored to exploit the full capacity of the container.




The energy efficiency of a building is subject to a proper execution and a careful choice of materials to use for the installation (a strip resistant to humidity, an auto expanding tape, polyurethane foam and appropriate sealants). The installation of a window frame can be carried out many ways. The one pictured is currently the most effective and ensures the highest thermal acoustic and air tightness in performance.



The Campesato wooden frame is a physical asset of considerable duration, of high quality and efficient construction . So it fits in effectively when setting up the habitat to help reduce the energy impact and thus the operating costs.




The care and attention paid to things that we do is that they will always remain beautiful. The wood by nature does not lose its value over time, rather increases its charm.
The wooden frame thanks to four coats of paint allows it to be maintained over time with simple cleaning methods using specific Campesato products




To ensure efficient recovery of materials for recycling, the various components in a window must be separated: wood, glass, iron and plastic components. Campesato has procedures and spaces for the recovery and thanks to the cooperation with companies dedicated to recycling the proper end of life of the product is secure.


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