RE5 – Protection against noise

Emphasis should be given to another peculiarity of wood as a raw material. It is in fact a cellular material with a very low residue of the presence of water, after curing it.
In this way the wood appears to be an excellent acoustic insulation, able to absorb both the noise and vibrations (the wooden lining is ideal in auditoriums, especially those music) and is a good thermal insulator (hot surfaces).
This intrinsic property of the wood makes it ideal in construction, both in the use of it as a structural element (solid or laminated) both as a support for composite laminated hardwood / cellular materials, in the latter case for obtaining coatings and internal dividers (double-walled or multi-layer) thus halving the thickness required with brick / mortar and brick / concrete.

All this is also reflected in the windows of wood, coupled with appropriate glazing, reaching values of the sound reduction Rw index of absolute excellence, greater than 40dB.


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