RE6 – Energy saving

Energy efficiency and almost zero consumption

The primary objectives of the European Union to be achieved by 2020, as part of sustainable development, are divided into three key points:
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared to 1990 levels by 2020.
• increase the proportion of renewable energy in final consumption to 20%
• seek to increase energy efficiency by 20%.


To achieve these objectives the EU intends to promote a series of actions:
• build an economy with low CO2 emissions, be more competitive, able to exploit the resources in an efficient and sustainable manner (CFP: Product Carbon Footprint);
• protect the environment, reduce emissions and prevent the loss of biodiversity;
• develop new technologies and production of green methods ;
• to protect the use of natural resources, designing, producing and using goods recycling of which is ever increasing, by adopting a policy of best practices through (LCA).


Note: What is the Life cycle assessment –LCA life cycle analysis

How much energy is used in the production process? As it consumes a product during its operation? What will be the environmental cost of its disposal? Just one tool to answer all the questions: the LCA, the analysis of the life cycle. The evaluation of the energy and environmental performance of each piece of the building records the entire life of a compound or a system “from the cradle to the grave.” This procedure, regulated at the international level by ISO 14040 series, includes activities such as:
• the use of raw materials, (laminated wood, paint, glue, water, electricity, natural gas), to the manufacture of the goods;
• transportation, distribution, use and eventual reuse of the product (or parts thereof);
• the collection, storage until recovery and final disposal of their waste in wood, plastic, and metals.

Wood is the material that more than satisfies the all “natural” requirements of a lesser environmental impact, less waste of resources to produce and regenerate the raw material and ensure the best performance of thermal insulation.

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