Red Grandis

An actual resource; alternative, environmentally friendly and sustainab

The term Red Grandis is the trade name of a particular type of tree that is part of the eucalyptus family. The tree Eucalyptus Grandis is pruned and and stripped of its branches up to 10 mt. in height only cut down after about 18-20 years. Grown in plantations in Uruguay, Red Grandis has FSC certification C000022 since 2001 and being a very hard wood, with a specific weight of 530kg / m3, it is also known as the best alternative to Mahogany – Meranti – Sapelli – Okoumè. Red Grandis is a sustainable wood. It comes from plantations grown with certified forest operations that are committed in the long-term to preserve the land dedicated to its growth. Responsible for the collection and controlled timber, it guarantees and protects a stable but growing market. On the contrary, the illegal trafficking of timber for the production of other tropical hardwoods, causing severe environmental degradation and the constant conversion of new land will bring irreparable damage the local indigenous people. With Red Grandis, strict social and environmental standards

The Red Grandis wood is strong, versatile and has a rapid growth. It is straight grained with a medium texture, with a uniform light pink – white cream colour (allowing a great degree of finish with the use of water-based paints).

Its heartwood is resistant to insects. It has an excellent dimensional stability in high humidity and it is therefore recommended for outdoor use since their trunks have excellent widths and lengths; it is available throughout the year due to its easy workability and stability of its high performance and durability. It was also the winner of the Sequoia as a new product at the convention AWFS 2011 Las Vegas in the new wood Green , LEED certified category (the highest recognition for a certified wood).

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