Serial Activeage Hardware



Treatment of serial Activeage Hardware


A Silver Finish with high resistance to corrosion for all the hardware for windows, for exterior doors, for sliding systems and for trucks, ACTIVEAGE distinguishes itself for its high resistance to corrosion even in adverse environmental conditions becoming critical due to the high concentration of salt in the air (coastal areas), due to the atmospheric pollution and humid environments that lead to the formation of condensation and mould. Stringent laboratory tests have provided excellent results:
ACTIVEAGE has reached the excellent anticorrosion standard, which is well over the requirements established by the UNI EN 13126-1 regulations out performing the measurement scale of the resistance to corrosion as indicated by the UNI EN 1670 norm. Over 2000 hours in saline mist according to the UNI EN ISO 9227 regulation without the slightest evidence of red rust on the surface.

Galvanizing protects the metal creating a first barrier which interposes itself between the corrosive agents and the product.
Chromic passivation with nano particles of silica working actively with electrochemical reaction for the protection of the zinc layer and hence protects the product.
Hermetic protection activates hermetic Protection which activates organic coating . It maintains the anticorrosive properties even in the case of thermal shock and stress.
Resistance to corrosion Over 2000 hours in saline mist according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9227 without the slightest evidence of red rust on the surface.

Test in saline mist

The tests carried out in saline mist reproduce the aggression of the atmospheric agents weathering the ferrous/ iron parts of the frame.



durata nebbia salina

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