Statement: Safety glass

Security Criteria when installing glass Regulations

UNI 7697/2014

Published on May 22, 2014, the new version of the UNI 7697 “Policy security glass applications guide the selection of safety glass in depending on the installation and the target building.
It updates and replaces the previous edition of 2007 as a reference.
The UNI 7697/2014 follows the spirit of previous editions but with the innovations designed to remove the ambiguity of interpretation thus facilitating the choice of Glazing in the various applications.
Among the most important requirements are that sheets of internal glazing doors and windows, subjected to a height greater than 100 cm from the bottom area, be safe.
They can be made of tempered or laminated glass and so they are classified with regards to impact resistance according to EN 12600:
• Tempered glass: minimum class 1C3;
• Stratified: minimum class 2B2

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