The  Campesato wooden frame

Its structure is based on a profile designed to withstand the stresses due to wear and tear, due to the weight of the glass and the thermal oscillations. It is made with a section of 70 × 83 mm laminated wood with three layers (23 + 24 + 23) of first choice wood, dried to 11% ± 3%, free of fungus or mould. CERNIERA is a “friction” product in steel and die-cast zinc; the small plastic covers of the highest quality available in various colours. Maximum capacity is 130 Kg fitted according to the rules set down by the manufacturer. They can be adjusted without removing the door.  In a series of 4/20/5 mm with a total thickness of 29 mm with a double seal. They can be installed, as in the picture, laminated glazing of various types or glass awnings up to a maximum thickness of 43 mm. They interlock with solid wood from 57 mm × 15 and 65 × 25 or there is overlapping of the various types. The new system “ FISH EYE 180 °” allows the precise setting of the window or door with an actual 180 ° opening of the windows or doors if installed flush with the interior wall. It is coloured with an acrylic silicone and with a “ V “ externally at the origin. REGGIVETRO is cut from the same source of the window or door with a choice of four types as indicated below. In a series of three made with the same type of wood used for the frame, available in two sections: 70 × 82 or 70 × 114, where the latter is used to mount security locks or to produce pivot windows and sliding doors. This comes in an aluminium alloy anodized for uses in building, wedged on the crosspiece of the frame, allowing the water to flow out. For aesthetic needs it can be covered over with a wooden source, in keeping with the frame. Soon it is to be replaced by the version built in wood in the lower cross in TPE thermoplastic expanded tubular according to the norm UNI 9122/2 with thermal and acoustic resistance. It greatly improves the performance compared to traditional seals. It is guaranteed to be compatible with water-based paints applied on our windows and doors.


Interior view


Exterior view





 Variant with trims complanar

soluzioni-coprifili-compl2 Coprifili-complanari-legno1

Example of variations applied to the frame



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