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The window or door in wood-aluminum is the perfect marriage between two building systems; the sum of the qualities of the wood, the natural thermal insulation, its beauty, and the malleability of the material, combined with those of aluminium, the total lack of maintenance and aesthetic excellence. From a construction point of view the window or door is composed of a wooden frame to which is attached, using clips, an external aluminium coating, all favouring the thermal and acoustic comfort. This is a “friction” product in a steel and die-cast zinc; small plastic covers of the highest quality available in various colours. with a maximum capacity of 150 Kg per window or door fitted as set down by the rules of the manufacturer.
Thermally and mechanically sealed, they perform the same function as does the silicone in the “wood only” version.
The new sealing is transparent, it absorbs the colour tint of the window or door resulting practically invisible.
This choice helps to achieve a high aesthetic value.
In aluminum and wood there are four types to choose from. See the sections below.Three series made with the same type of wood used for the frame, available in two sections: 98 × 82 or 98 × 111, the latter to be fitted with security locks or to produce pivoting windows and sliding doors. Total thickness mm.98per window or door. Between the two profiles generated by the clips: this prevents the formation of condensation. The use of the clips for the application of the coating allows a quick and easy replacement of the aluminium or glass, in case they were accidentally damaged, without touching the wooden window or door. This comes in a thermoplastic expanded tubular form in line with the norm UNI 9122/2 with thermal and acoustic resistance. It is guaranteed to be compatible with water-based paints applied on our windows or doors. A low-emissivity standard 4/20/5 mm total thickness 29 mm with a double seal. They can be installed, as in the picture, laminated glazing of various types or glass awning l reaching a maximum thickness of 38 mmIt is constructed according to the concept of an “open joint”: applied through the holes on the bottom rail of the aluminum frame, it facilitates the outflow of water and air that has penetrated under high pressure from the outside. Its structure is based on a profile designed to withstand the stresses due to wear and tear, due to the weight of the glass and the thermal oscillations. Total thickness of the frame mm.98.

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Aluminium casings


Variant online PLANAR with concealed hinges

Beauty, isolation and safety

In the eyes of the customers the greatest benefit is definitely the aesthetic result. The hinges are not seen and the frame becomes almost a decorative element attached to the wall, like a picture. And this is the most likely reason why you would choose a frame with a concealed hardware.
This type of door maintains the thermal-acoustic insulation and, not in the least, the safety of the house.


Hidden news

It is there but you cannot see it. This is the beauty of hardware that is concealed. The new type of hardware is not visible looking at the window or door and allows the door to open up to a maximum of 95 °.


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