The latest technologies, respecting past traditions...

Campesato, windows to life for a century.



Campesato is a company that boasts 100 years of history and that, on the eve of switching off the first hundred candles, has decided to undertake a development path that has led it to have a range of unique and reliable products, able to do leverage on the values of the company: sustainability, safety and quality.

Values that are rooted in the tradition of a company founded in 1920 by the intuition started by the grandfather carpenter Carlo Campesato, who continued with his son Guido, to arrive today with a more modern look than making the window, which has remained the know how cardinal developed starting from Guido Campesato, father of Giancarlo and Valter, today in the company with his sons Valentina and Alessandro: THE FOURTH GENERATION!

The company is a consolidated reality, which makes use of the latest technologies, without giving up the indelible principles and values of its history!

Our technicians design innovative fixtures and frames developed in the name of energy saving. Every detail is designed and built to achieve thermal and acoustic insulation, limiting heat loss as much as possible.

We always dedicate the utmost attention to safety, solidity and resistance of our products.

We use innovative design tools: Campesato is always in step with the times, to meet new market demands.

We have integrated our technical and technological experiences with all the information received from the market and from many years of construction.

Campesato presents itself on the international scene as a dynamic industry, able to manufacture customised doors and windows.

WiCamp is the FIRST 3D GRAPHIC CONFIGURATOR to have been developed in the field of doors and windows. WiCamp is the tool that revolutionises the world of doors and windows for a tailor-made product.

A dense network of Authorized and Selected Campesato Dealers covers the entire national territory, but our products are very appreciated all over the world.

At our stores, you will be assisted by specialised personnel who will support you in the choice of materials, types and finishes that best suits your needs.

For information on the nearest Campesato store, please contact our company and we will be happy to help you.